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BESN X Community Presents Gamers Give

About Gamers Give:

Gamers Give is a heartfelt initiative by BESN X Community that harnesses the power of gaming and esports to make a meaningful difference in communities. Our program combines the passion of gamers with the spirit of giving to address two vital needs: combating hunger and spreading joy during the holiday season.

Our Mission:

Gamers Give aims to create a positive impact by:

Feeding Communities: We believe that no one should go to bed hungry. Through gaming events, fundraisers, and partnerships with local food banks, we provide essential meals to families in need.

Holiday Happiness: The holidays should be a time of joy for every child. Gamers Give collects and distributes toys, games, and gifts to brighten the season for underprivileged children.

How It Works:

Gaming for Good: Gamers from around the world participate in charity gaming events, livestreams, and tournaments. Funds raised directly support our initiatives.

Community Partnerships: We collaborate with local food banks to ensure that donated funds provide nutritious meals to families facing food insecurity.

Holiday Magic: Through toy drives and donations, we collect gifts that bring smiles to the faces of children during the holiday season.

Why Gamers Give Matters:

Combating Hunger: Your support helps us provide essential food resources to those in need, making a tangible impact on the fight against hunger.

Holiday Cheer: Gamers Give brings joy to underprivileged children, fostering a sense of hope and happiness during the holidays.

Community Unity: This initiative unites gamers and the gaming community in a shared mission of giving back and making the world a better place.

How You Can Get Involved This Giving Tuesday:

Donate: Your financial contribution directly supports our efforts to combat hunger and spread holiday joy. Every donation makes a difference.

Gaming Events: Participate in our charity gaming events and tournaments, where your passion for gaming becomes a force for good.

Toy Drives: Contribute to our toy drives and help bring smiles to the faces of children in need.

Spread the Word: Share Gamers Give with your friends, family, and fellow gamers. Together, we can amplify our impact.

Event Date

December 21st 2023

4pm to 7pm

Sofia Quintero Arts & Culture Center

1222 Broadway Street

Toledo, Ohio 43609

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